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The Ladder + BASIC Programming Language

Most PLCs in the industry are programmed by a highly specialized, well-established programming language called  "Ladder Logic". Ladder Logic language has its strength in handling single bit digital I/O programming, but it is awkward to handle data processing where numerical data needs to be manipulated.

On the other hand, desktop computers are typically programmed by high-level languages such as BASIC, C, PASCAL, C++, Java etc. These powerful programming languages are designed for data processing, but they are not oriented towards flipping single bit digital I/Os.

By combining these two most important branches of programming languages into one single, seamless entity, we had invented the industry first "Ladder + BASIC" language that can easily handle sophisticated tasks with just a few lines of codes. We have also developed a family of M-series Super PLCs that are exclusively programmed in Ladder + BASIC language, using our highly acclaimed TRiLOGI PLC programming Editor, Compiler and Simulator software.  The following simple example illustrates how Ladder+BASIC language works in tandem:

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The TBASIC Language
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1. TBASIC Components: Statements, Functions and Operators

2. TBASIC Support for Special Inputs and Outputs

Interfacing Stepper Motors
PWM Outputs
High Speed Counter Inputs - Interfacing to Rotary Encoder
Interrupt Inputs
Using Pulse Measurement Inputs

3. Application Examples for T100MD PLC and Sample Programs

Display Alphanumeric Messages on LCD Display -- MDS100
Motion Control of Stepper Motor
Activate Events at Scheduled Times
Automatic Climate Control System
Closed-Loop PID Control of Heating Process

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